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History of the Ennstal

During the Ice Age, the Ennstal was covered with ice almost up to the mountain peaks. The ice melt formed a huge lake from Gröbming to (Atmont) Gesäuseeingang. Slowly the water dried up and a boggy swamp landscape formed. The farmers settled on the slopes and worked their farms, low and high alpine pastures. The milk obtained was processed into butter and Steirerkas on site, as there was no dairy at that time.

In 1860 the Ennsbegradigungsgenossenschaft was founded in the name of the Empire and three loops of the river were pierced in the following years. The floods decreased and the farmers could make the land usable. Today's landscape emerged from this time.

During his museum tours, Altbauer Engelbert talks enthusiastically about the customs of the old time. In vernacular cultural language you will learn about the use of tools that were used in cattle, forest and alpine farming. It also gives you an idea of ​​what it is likeshaped social life at this time.

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