about us

Thomas (farmer):

Sometimes you can find me on the mountain at 5 a.m., where I enthusiastically photograph a sunrise and philosophize about life. As a dreamy hippie, I like to sit around the campfire.

Despite many challenges, I am very happy to have grown up on an organic farm. This time shaped my relationship with nature in a very valuable way. After completing the plumbing apprenticeship, I moved to Graz, where I came into contact with social work through community service. I followed this with further training and accompanied people with disabilities for over 10 years.

Over the years I caught the travel bug and I traveled to countries like Turkey, India, Nepal, Laos, Indonesia... Since then I have felt wanderlust again and again and have to pack my backpack to gain experiences that I try to implement at home.

Since 2014 I have been managing the organic farm together with my parents Maria and Engelbert.

Maria (old farmer lady):

Maria is the good soul in the house. With her very loving nature, you will feel at home straight away. She has exceptional cooking skills, often preparing the most delicious dishes in no time, whether she's vegetarian or meat-based.

Plus she literally has green fingers that lets every plant she gets her fingers grow and grow.

If you have an artistic passion in you, Maria can introduce you to the world of watercolor painting. At some vernissages she showed her artistic skills to the best. Otherwise, she takes care of the laundry with great care.

Engelbert (old farmer):

Engelbert used to be an on-board technician for rescue helicopters. He likes to talk about his experiences from this time in a very exciting way.

He is now retired and follows his vocation of organic farming. With his philosophical nature, he likes to talk about the advantages of horned cattle, compost management, spelled cultivation, forestry, homeopathy and Hildegard medicine.